Find out about salary level at a given position

It's simple! Select or enter the position you are interested in and then go to its description and detailed data.

The only accessible salary data on the market collected directly from companies

Salary Survey

Data collection

Data collection

Data collected directly from HR departments

Quick and intuitive transfer of data

Consultant's support

Data processing

Data processing

  • In-house examination method

  • Precise matching (job levels)

  • Data verified by experienced consultants

Salary Survey

Survey results

  • Regional reports (e.g. Silesian, Lower Silesian, and Lesser Poland voivodeships, Subzones of Katowice Special Economic Zone in Tychy/Gliwice)

  • Industrial reports (e.g. automotive industry, IT, SSC/BPO, construction industry)

  • Sectoral reports (manufacturing, service, trade)

  • Pay rise analysis

  • Pay rise analysis included in the price of the Report

  • Comparison of the Company vs the Market

  • Poland's most extensive Salary Survey

  • Detailed data for regions and industries

  • Over 360 positions divided by levels (junior/senior specialist, etc.)

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What do I have to do to use the Salary Report?

01. Participate in the survey

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  • 50% discount on Reports for Participants

  • Free Poland Salary Survey to be distributed among Participants in the survey

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02. Order the paid Survey

  • Surveys are available immediately
  • Surveys are available online and in Excel format
  • Free English version
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